On time delivery of various production industries is a logistical challenge.
Our all value customer requesting on time delivery for their machined parts, Are served with our own trucks or local transport companies which have been serving us as loyal and relievable partners for years.

   Some customers keep high volume parts in their consignment stock, to which we supply weekly on demand. This guarantees always sufficient material at their disposal. The vehicles which transport our machined part through customer every single day, cover a combined distance of 120,000!!! miles every month. This means 5 time around the globe every month !!! On this distance we do not only us the trucks as means of transport but also as billboards to advertise for our company.

   Smooth logistics is not only important between our customers and us, but also internal transport wants to be organized. With electric trolleys and numerous trailers, We run an environmentally friendly and steady shuttle service for our castings between the foundry and the CNC machine shop.
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